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Seven earth like planets discovered orbiting nearby star!
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Seven earth like planets discovered orbiting nearby star!

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Astronomers have long been exploring the outer space world in search for other planets orbiting stars and for life on other planets. Recently an international research team discovered a solar system 40 light years away and it has seven Earth like planets orbiting around a small star.

Why is this discovery important?

This discovery has thrilled astronomers and has now raised hopes of having life beyond earth. It is the very first time that so many earth size planets have been found and the discovery also suggests that our Milky Way maybe filled with such worlds that in many aspect resemble our very own planet earth.

What suggests there could be life on these planets?

These seven planets orbit around a dwarf star named Trappist 1, which at 39 light years away makes this system a prime object for search of life beyond earth. This star is just marginally larger than Jupiter and shines with a feeble light which is 2000 times fainter than the sun. This makes the star cold and its small size makes the planets orbiting it temperate which means they could have some liquid or water and maybe life. However, the planets are in tight orbits and at that proximity they show only one side to the star. Some of the planets among the seven are thought to be of the right temperature to host oceans of water and have a favourable atmosphere.

So, let us hope to find some life beyond our planet as well!

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