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Ancient Roman Architecture

Sir Dig-a-lot | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Ancient Roman Art and Architecture

Ancient Roman architecture has some influence of Greek architecture. However Romans are believed to bring in a lot of ideas which has said to inspire many. They were probably the first to use concrete and cement as a building material.”

“That’s amazing! Quite an achievement” Rohan marveled

“Indeed. They also made the arch and the baked brick popular in buildings. They not only built temples and basilicas, but also contributed a lot in the construction and planning of cities and roads.”

“What is a basilica?” Rohan asked

Sir Dig-A-Lot replied “Whenever Romans wanted to meet in groups or wanted to hold a meeting or an activity, they used a basilica. You must visit the Basilica Aemilia in Rome to get a better idea. The inside of a basilica is mostly like that of a modern church. You can also go to the basilica Julia in Rome, which is named after Julius Caesar.”

“As times developed people began to use stone and build amphitheaters for holding contests and games. The first Roman king, Augustas, used a lot of marble and brick and build many monuments. His grandson Nero built the Golden house which was torn down by another king and replaced with Colosseum. The use of columns in the architecture began in 96 AD and market buildings were made. This is the foundation of modern shopping malls.

You must also visit the churches and the bath buildings built in this era. There are many well preserved Roman cities depicting the architecture outside of Rome.”

Rohan said “It was such a great lesson. I can’t wait to go on a holiday. I will miss you but I will get you something”

Sir Dig A Lot smiled and said “I will miss you too Rohan. But I will see you soon”

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