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Water Balloon Toss
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Water Balloon Toss

Outdoor Games | 6-11 yrs | Reading Pod

Water Balloon Toss is a pool party game, where you’ll need to pair off the boys. Have the members of each pair stand across from each other, forming 2 lines with 2’ – 3’ in between them. Give a water balloon to each player in one of the two rows. When you say, “Go!” the players on each team must begin tossing their water balloon back and forth to each other. Each time a player successfully catches a balloon, he must take a step backwards. The space between the two rows will grow with each toss, making it harder for the players to catch the balloons. When a player misses a toss and a team’s balloon breaks, that team is eliminated from the competition. The last team with an unbroken water balloon is declared the winner.

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  1. Outdoor games are real fun and it is really helpful for children in physical, mental and social development.