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What if Dinosaurs were Alive Today

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs

Millions of years ago, a few meteors crashed on earth and ended the reign of the Dinosaurs. But, what if they missed earth? What if dinosaurs were alive today?

What would happen if dinosaurs were still alive?

According to scientists, the most “advanced” dinosaur was a small flesh eating dinosaur called Troodon. If it had continued to evolve, it would have been smart enough to be our president and the ferocious T-Rex would have been our prime minister.

But what if Dinos didn’t believe in democracy. We would have felt like small rodents in front of them and they would have used us as slaves or for domestic help or maybe they would have treated us as tasty and juicy burgers.

Had the dinosaurs been around, nature would have been kind enough to grant us defensive features, like, long sharp claws and muscular legs. Then maybe the dinos have to watch their backs who knows?

Which brings us to the Second Scenario

  • What if humans are able to dominate dinosaurs? We might find a way to eradicate all the dangerous dinosaurs around us.
  • As for the herbivorous ones, we would have found a way of domesticating them to serve our needs.
  • We could use the Brachiosuarus to pluck fruits from tall trees.
  • Along with chickens, we would have Dinosaur farms and have reared Dinosaurs like protoceratopes for their meat and eggs instead.
  • Or perhaps we might even use their precious hide to make products like branded bags and shoes.
  • We could have used fast dinosaurs like coelophysis and Ornithomimosaurus for traveling and saved on fuel expenses.
  • The strength of an army or a nation could be judged by the number of dinosaurs, it has or maybe, the kind of dinosaurs.

In conclusion we think that its a good thing that the Dinosaurs left for their timely heavenly Abode. Or else, our planet would have been very different and chaotic place. What do you think?

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