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What is life?
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What is life?

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Life : Definition

The process of growing and changing and multiplying is life.

Life is Evolution!

Life is also evolution. We evolved from chimps. This evolution doesn’t stop. One of the things that life does is building up large molecules like DNA and proteins.

All living things need energy. They need to eat to sustain themselves and shed waste. They respond to their environment and grow and develop. Thus, in order for a thing to have life in it, it must possess these qualities.

Scientific Definition of Life

Scientifically speaking life is when atoms became molecules which formed compounds creating virus like organisms- single celled and multi-cell organisms. They multiplied and filled the earth with living creatures of various shapes and sizes. This is life.

Life doesn’t necessarily mean all things which are seen moving and breathing. Sometimes there are organisms like extremophiles which grow and live in extreme environment conditions and one might think they are non-living. Organisms living inside hot springs or really cold temperatures also are life.