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What’s the time Mr. Wolf?
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What’s the time Mr. Wolf?

Outdoor Games | 5-14 yrs | Reading Pod

For this game, one child is chosen to be the wolf. The wolf stands about 10 feet away with his or her back to the rest of the children. The children call out in unison: “Mr./Ms. Wolf, what time is it?” The wolf returns the call with a response of 1 through 12 o’clock—turning around to face the other children as he or she does so.

The children will then take as many steps as the time announced. For example: Let’s say the wolf says it’s 10 o’clock—the children can take 10 steps forward. There is no limit on the size step the kids can take—they can take huge steps or little steps.

When everyone has taken a step, the wolf turns his or her back to the other children again and the children cry out the same question. It keeps going this way until the wolf finally says “dinner time!” The wolf turns around and chases the children. The children have to run back to the start line. If they make it to the start line, they are safe. The wolf has to try and catch at least one person to become the next wolf.

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