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Why do our best ideas come in the Shower?
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Why do our best ideas come in the Shower?

Answer me | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

No wonder great ideas happen in the Shower

Psychology terms the state in the shower as the ‘default mode’. It is the place where you are alone, your mind is free and only your body is in motion. Your mind enjoys a relaxed experience and thus a great idea about something you have been pondering over strikes you. When you are relaxed, your brain releases a happy-go-lucky neurotransmitter- dopamine. This boosts your creative juices that ripple your brain. This also happens when you are deeply meditating. So showering is no less than meditation.

In the shower a person becomes less aware of the environment and more aware of his/her internal thoughts. A shower suggests the beginning of a new day. It is a familiar and comfortable environment for your mind and body and you do not get bored.

4 Reasons why the best ideas come in the Shower

  1. You are alone in your comfortable environment.
  2. There are hardly any distractions.
  3. Showering wakes you up and makes you alert.
  4. The rush of water creates a white noise that makes you concentrate on your thoughts easily.