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Why do we say Hello?
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Why do we say Hello?

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Where did the word “Hello” come from?

Alexander Graham Bell is known for the invention of the telephone but it was Thomas Edison who created the greeting ‘hello’ over the phone.

Bell preferred the word ‘ahoy’ but Edison insisted that ‘Hello’ is easier, catchy and referred as a cheerful note to start a conversation.

Why do we say hello on the phone?

Once the telephone was invented a very interesting question arrived, as to how do you start conversing or what is the first thing to say when you pick up the phone? It seems as if you are basically speaking to a stranger because you cannot see the person. So a word and a phrase had to found out quickly and Edison came up with ‘hello’.

Hello is an alteration of hallo or holla, which is generally used to attract someone’s attention. Hullo or hello is the British version and now used worldwide as a common greeting.