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Don’t Litter, Make The World Better!

Ask Coley | 7-9 yrs | Animation, Video

Imagine it’s a beautiful summer day, and you’re out with your friends for milkshakes in the park. You finish your milkshake and look around, but there’s no trash can for your empty cup. It’s okay to just leave it underneath the park bench, right? Nobody can even see it under there, and you want to go play baseball. You don’t want to carry around this gross, sticky milkshake cup.

You might think it’s okay, but it’s not. Leaving your empty milkshake cup under the bench is littering.

What is littering?

All of you must have seen the bits of wrappers, packets, plastic bags lying all around when you go for a walk, or step outside your home. That is litter. Sometimes in small quantities it is just simply annoying. But when you have huge quantities of it, it becomes garbage and causes landfills.

Landfills, not only become eye sores but also places which become breeding places for disease causing animals and pollute the environment.

What are the effects of litter on the environment?

The litter often finds its way into drain holes and waterways, choking them. It is also carried away into our water resources, in the rainy season. Our rivers and oceans become polluted causing animals and plants to die in the water.

You must have also seen animals unknowingly eating bits of paper, or plastic thinking it is food. This harms them.

Why cleaning up our litter is expensive?

  • Sometimes when we knowingly or unknowingly throw litter, we don’t realise it might become inconvenient for someone to clean it up later. Although in cities, there are people who do go about cleaning, sometimes it is delayed. It is also expensive.
  • Every year, a city’s administration spends lots of money to clean up the city on a daily basis and dispose it off. Some of our litter is biodegradable and some of it is not. And lots of people spend time and energy to make sure our cities and town are clean and healthy for us to live.