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Redlight Greenlight
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Redlight Greenlight

Outdoor Games | 6-10 yrs | Reading Pod

Redlight greenlight is a game where one of the kids play the ‘stop light’ and the rest of the kids have to touch him/her.

All the kids need to form a line about 15-20 meters away from the ‘stop light’. The ‘stop light’ must now stand with her back to the line of children and once that is done, the ‘stop light’ must now shout out ‘green light’.

At this point of time, the kids are allowed to move forward towards the stoplight. At any point in this game the ‘stop light’ can say ‘red light’ and then turn around. At this point the children must all freeze and if any of the kids are caught moving, then they are out.

Play resumes when the ‘stop light’ turn around and says ‘green light’.

The ‘stop light’ wins if he or she manages to get everybody out before anyone touches him/her. If this does not happen, the first player to touch the stop light is declared winner and gets to be the ‘stop light’ for the next round.

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