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Charlie Chaplin

Movies | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Who is Charlie Chaplin?

Charlie Chaplin was a great comedian, script writer, composer and director. It was in 1913 that Charlie was first seen on the screen. Charlie wanted to differentiate himself from other actors in film.

Soon Charlie learned how to direct and make films and created a new and different character for himself- The Little Tramp. The audience loved the character. He now partnered with different production houses in Hollywood and soon in 1918 he created his own studio in Hollywood.

Charlie Chaplin would often order the rebuilding of sets if the present one was not working for him. He would also hire actors for his film and start working with them. But if he felt the actor is not justifying the character, he would immediately change the actor.

Charlie Chaplin Movies

Some of his famous movies are The Kid, The Gold Rush, The Circus, and The Great Dictator. In 1972, Charlie Chaplin received a special achievement award from the Academy of Motion Pictures. He got the longest standing ovation in Oscar history – 12 minutes!

Interesting Facts about Charlie Chaplin

  1. Even after the invention of sound in movies, Charlie Chaplin avoided speaking dialogues in two of his movies after 1930. These movies had only the background sounds and music and a few spoken words coming from the radio in the scenes.
  2. Only 3 months after Charlie Chaplin died, his corpse was stolen by grave thieves who wanted to extract money from his family. But they were captured and his body was recovered.

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