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Cloud in a Bottle

Experiments | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, look and take

How to Make a Cloud in a Bottle

What You Need

  • A 1 litre clear plastic bottle
  • Foot pump with an attached rubber stopper
  • Water
  • Safety glasses

5 Steps to Make a Cloud in a Bottle

  1. Pour just enough warm water in the bottle to cover its bottom. Shake the water in the bottle.
  2. Close the bottle with the rubber stopper that is attached to the foot pump.
  3. Now pump the foot pump 20 times. The rubber stopper will try to pop out, but hold it firmly.
  4. When you stop pumping, and take the stopper out; you will see a cloud.
  5. Now, pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol in the bottle and shake it. Place the rubber stopper on again. Pump it hard for 20 times and stop. You will see a noticeable cloud after you take the stopper out.

How the Cloud forms?

  • Water vapour is present inside the bottle and those molecules are loosely attached to one another. When you pump the bottle, you are forcing the water molecules to come closer and form a strong and compact bond.
  • When you release the rubber stopper, you allow for the air to expand and so cool down. This enables the water molecules to condense or stick together with greater ease. So, they form a cloud or a cluster of water droplets.
  • Alcohol molecules evaporate more quickly and easily than water molecules. So, you see a more visible cloud– because there are more alcohol molecules than there were water molecules. Isn’t this a more exciting way of making clouds than colouring or pasting?

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