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Make a Roaring Balloon

Experiments | 7-14 yrs | Learning Pod

How to Make a Roaring Balloon

We all know that lions roar, but whoever has heard of a balloon roaring? Well you are about to, with some magic, some centripetal force and gravity.

What You Need

  • A balloon
  • A round coin
  • A nut (the one in nuts and bolts)

What To Do

  1. Insert the coin inside the balloon and inflate it.
  2. Now, spin the balloon and increase the speed slowly. The coin will move around horizontally, in an almost smooth circle.
  3. Now, take the coin out, and insert a nut and inflate the balloon again. You hear a roaring sound as you rapidly spin the balloon.

Why does the Balloon roar?

The nut’s uneven edges caused bumps to be created in its movement inside the balloon. More bumps leads to elevated pitches of sound. If you increase the height of the bumps by bouncing the balloon more, you will hear even louder sounds.

Centripetal force causes the coin to travel in a circle. This force is the inward force which causes the coin to move in a circle. It is a force that looks for the centre. The uneven nut bounces on the balloon’s surface and this vibration is transmitted into air, producing sounds. This is like a violin, where the vibrations of the string are broadcasted into air and produce beautiful sounds.

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