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Do insects sneeze?
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Do insects sneeze?

Answer me | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Animation

It will become difficult for an insect to sneeze or cough as insects do not have noses.

How do insects breathe?

They breathe through tiny holes in their body called spiracles. These holes or spiracles are connected to tubes or tracheae that again branch out into smaller tubes. These are connected to all tissues in the insect body. Oxygen enters the spiracles and flows down through the tracheae and ends up in a liquid that is located at the bottom of each tube. This liquid helps the oxygen to dissolve. The liquid moves into other cells of an insect’s body to provide oxygen to other parts.

Do insects have lungs?

Insects can take in air or oxygen through their mouth as well but it doesn’t do much because insects do not have lungs. But some insects breathe in air through their mouths to increase their body volume. Some insects like the june beetle, luber grasshopper or the Madagascar hissing cockroach make hissing noise for communication by forcing air out of their spiracles.

Do insects cough?

There are insects that may cough up or regurgitate. This means they might spit out materials from their gut but it is mainly to distract predators or a defensive action.