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My Archaeological Adventure

Mocostar | 5-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Moco Star

Name : Nachikaet
Age : 8
Class : IV
School : Padma Seshadari Bala Bhavan, Chennai

I had never been interested in archaeology before I saw the movie ‘The Mummy.’ I decided to try my hand at archaeology during the last summer vacations, and with a spade and shovel (borrowed from my cousin’s beach set) I started to dig for any possible hidden treasures in my grandmother’s back yard. After three hours of digging (which I mainly supervised) I decided that early humans were not interested in my grandmother’s backyard. I decided to bury things instead.

I wrote a note describing my life and put it into a plastic bottle. In the note I also wrote about the things we use in our daily lives, for the future people to read and find out. I borrowed some things from my family like toothbrush, spoon, comb etc so that archaeologists in the future will not be disappointed as I had been. (I think my family is still hunting for those things.) I hope that people in the future will find it and think that the early humans must have written it.

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