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How does the Eye work?

Biology | 8-14 yrs | Video, Animation

Now that you know what the eye is made up of and how each part contributes to form an image, watch this module to better understand how the eyes with the help of our brain, captures these images and how the eye works.

Light bouncing off objects in front of us enters our eye and passes through the iris and pupil to reach the lens. The lens then focuses these rays onto the retina, forming an image that can be interpreted by the brain. However, this image is upside down and must be flipped right side up by the brain.

Just think of the eye as this amazing camera that captures millions of images and records it in our memory.

Now for some people, the light passes through the pupil, but the lens cannot bend the light properly. It could be because the lens is wrongly shaped or the muscles that control the lens are weak. When light does not fall directly on the retina, you see a blurred image.

When the image falls in front of the retina, the person suffers from shortsightedness and can’t see distant objects clearly. When the image falls beyond the retina, the person suffers from longsightedness and can’t see nearby objects clearly. Both these problems can be easily fixed with a pair of spectacles.

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