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Jwala Gutta

Sports | 8-14 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

Jwala Gutta Profile and Biography

Jwala Gutta (1983 – ) is an Indian badminton player of multicultural descent. The left-hander is one of the best badminton players India has ever produced with 13 consecutive national championships under her belt. The multi-medal winning champion is yet to be awarded an Olympic medal but had already proved her worth in gold, silver and bronze at other sports gatherings.

Gutta was born in Wardha, Maharashtra to Kranti Gutta a Telegu man and Yelan Gutta, a Chinese woman who came to India on a Gandhian pilgrimage with her grandfather. Yelan went on to translate Gandhi’s biography into Chinese Mandarin and met Kranti during her visit.

For the 2012 London Olympics Jwala Gutta will be undertaking the feat of playing both the doubles and mixed doubles events.

Jwala Gutta’s Events

  • Women’s doubles
  • Mixed Doubles

Can you find out the evolutioin of badminton. (Hint it has something to do with colonial India)

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