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My Experience of The Math Olympiad

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Name – Tanush Siotia
Age – 9
Class – IV
School – Calcutta International School, Kolkata

My Experience Of The Math Olympiad

At first when my mother told me that I was taking part in the Math Olympiad, I was really nervous. I was not ready to go for it but I had no choice, but to take part in it.

When the books arrived I was astonished to see the size of the books. I was shocked, I wondered if I would be able to finish the books before the commencement of the Olympiad. To finish the books I had to study longer than I normally do.

Because I worked hard everyday, I began to think I could complete the books. I was also wandering if I could come first. Now I was thinking positive- a change from my previous negative attitude. Soon the day of the Math Olympiad arrived. I was very nervous but a little confident. I had everything ready, three sharpened HB pencils, one eraser, a scale of 30 centimetres and my geometry box. I was all set.

I found the exam a little tough, they had given 40 questions. I found the 9th question the hardest. It was 24/15-_=3/5. The Silverzone Olympiad was over and finally the results came out. I came 1st in my class and overall in the world I came 114.

They had chosen me and my three other friends to go in the 2nd round, since we qualified in the qualifying round. I was extremely happy. But my troubles were far from over because now I have to study even harder. But at least I’ve gone in the second round.

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