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Science in Art

Experiments | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Fun with Art using Science

It was a Sunday afternoon and Eeshan was playing board games with his friend Nitin. They were waiting for Martin in Nitin’s house.

Martin entered with a frown on his face. Eeshan asked, “What’s the matter Martin?”

Martin said, “It is my art class. The children in the class make fun of me! I am not good at art so they choose to bully me.”

Eeshan said, “Or just teach them a lesson, with science! Let me teach you some ways where we can have a little fun with art using science!”

The children went to Nitin’s study room. Eeshan asked for some newspapers, canvas sheets and crayons. He pinned the newspapers on the wall and laid them out on the ground as well. Then he pinned a canvas sheet on the newspapers and stuck the crayons on top of the sheet, pointed downwards.

He turned to Nitin and said, “Does your mother use a blow dryer for drying her hair?”

Nitin answered with a puzzled expression, “Yes, it is in the bathroom. I will get it.”

Eeshan plugged it in and asked Martin to hold it in front of the crayons. He asked him to wait. After about 3 minutes the crayons started to melt and spread on the canvas. Eeshan moved the dryer in different directions and created beautiful patterns of colours on the canvas. The children enjoyed the work of art and Eeshan said, “This is abstract art. It simply works on the principle that wax crayons melt with heat!”

“This looks amazing!” exclaimed Martin, as he continued to melt the crayons and created more patterns.

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