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Sea Otters hold hands while Sleeping!
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Sea Otters hold hands while Sleeping!

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10 Interesting Facts about Sea Otters

  1. Sea otters are the heaviest and the smallest marine mammals.
  2. Sea otters can also be termed as one of the most family oriented mammals on earth.
  3. They are often seen floating in the sea water in groups while eating, resting or sleeping.
  4. They make a group chain called a raft and do everything together.
  5. The male rafts are larger than the female rafts.
  6. A raft can have two or sometimes even hundred sea otters holding each other’s hands.
  7. The largest sea otter raft contained over 2000 sea otters!
  8. They do this so that they do not drift away from their group.
  9. They do not want to lose a single member of their family.
  10. Sea otters have the densest fur in the mammal world and were close to extinction as they have been hunted for their fur. But they are now protected by the International Fur Seal Treaty in the United States.