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Recycling Paper to Save Trees
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Recycling Paper to Save Trees

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Paper Recycling Facts

Paper has been the most recycled product since a very long time. For the last 1000 years paper has been made from discarded materials.

Recycling paper has several benefits. It conserves natural resources, saves energy and also reduces the greenhouse effect.

How much paper is recycled each year in the United States?

Almost 80% of the paper mills in the United States used recycled paper. An average household throws away 13,000 separate pieces of paper, which includes not only newspaper but also boxes, junk mail and packaging material.

Paper Recycling Benefits

A 15 year old tree can make almost 700 grocery bags. Each ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees that can absorb approximately 250 pounds of carbon dioxide.

The limits of Paper Recycling

Paper recycling has its limits. Every time a paper is recycled the fibres become weaker and shorter. So paper can be recycled up to 17 times after which it does need to be discarded.