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Michael Schumacher F1 Racing Records

Sports | 7-14 yrs | Animation, Video

15 Interesting Facts about Michael Schumacher

  1. Michael Schumacher is the only Formula 1 world racing driver to win 7 championships.
  2. He has won 91 races.
  3. Schumacher is also known as Schumi, and he is from Germany.
  4. His first go-kart race was at the age of four when his father managed a track for him.
  5. Schumi got a driver’s license at Luxembourg at the age of 12.
  6. Schumi has a lucky pendant and he never drives without it.
  7. Schumacher began racing with F1 with the Benetton F1 team in 1991.
  8. He won 8 out of 14 races in his first F1 win (1994).
  9. In 1996, he switched to the Ferrari team and was with them till 2005.
  10. Michael and his brother Ralf Schumacher placed first and second in the same race, five times.
  11. Michael Schumacher was the winner of 13 races in a single season in 2004.
  12. He holds F1 records for most career wins, most wins in a season, most points during a season, most consecutive race wins, most fastest laps and many others.
  13. He returned to racing in 2010 with Mercedes GP team, but he did not win any races. He retired in 2012.
  14. He loves designing cars and has done some designs for the Ferrari Enzo.
  15. In a skiing accident in 2013, Michael Schumacher had a severe head injury. He has been in a coma since then.

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