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Why do we Lie?
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Why do we Lie?

Answer me | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Is Lying bad?

Scientists believe that saying white lies sometimes keeps the society running smoothly. Lying in order to make someone feel happy or lying to get you out of a small trouble like not doing your homework, seems okay. But that doesn’t mean you lie all the time. When you keep telling lies for each and every thing; then it becomes problematic and then a person needs some behaviour training.

The Science of Lying?

It sometimes becomes very easy to tell whether a person is lying or not. A simple lie like ‘you have made a nice painting’, will not be caught easily as one might say this to make the other person happy about their painting.

But a lie like a reason for not attending school or not completing your work will have you either sweating or twitching your fingers or shifting your weight from leg to another. Your body language gives it away when you say a big lie. That is why parents and teachers know when you are lying.

Some people lie to make themselves look cool or fit into a group. But this kind of lie also doesn’t stay for long as one day the real person will come out.