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Arithmetic Poem

Mocostar | 5-14 yrs

Moco Star

Name – Vehaan Handa
Age – 11
Class – VI
School – Vidya Valley, Pune

Arithmetic!! My Worst Subject

Oh! Did I mention what is my worst subject!!
I get angry for division!!
Happy for addition!!
Mugged u p with multiplication!!
Confused with subtraction!!

I don’t think that nine comes after eight,
Because eight trotted out of the gate to find its mate!!
Nine too was so very afraid of eight,
As he shivered at the thought of eight gobbling him up on a plate!!

If all the signs would be polite and kind : (- + ÷ X)
Then everything would just be fine!!
But rocking and rolling all the numbers fell sick,
And none could solve the mystery of the trick.

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