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Ghost Theme Party Ideas

Party Ideas And Themes | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

Spooky and Ghost Party Ideas for Kids

Hey folks! Would you like to host a spooky party for your friends and freak them out?
Here is how you could go about it.
A party filled with creaky sounds, deadly decor and freaky costumes.


The ideal location for this amazing party could be in your backyard, a nearby park, a club house or even in your home.


Your invites could have some awesome pictures or prints of draculas, vampires, ghosts, witches, wizards or Egyptian mummies too.

Ghost Party Decorations

  • For an evening party you can cover the bulbs or lights with ghostly cut outs.
  • For a day time party you can hang a string of spooky characters as danglers across the room.
  • Paint balloons with scary faces.
  • Hang a big danger sign at the entrance with – ‘ Danger Zone’ or ‘BOOOO – Join the Fun’painted on it.
  • You can include big balloons with a white piece of cloth flowing over it marked with big black scary eyes.
  • Distribute various spooky masks amongst your friends.
  • Use paper plates and glasses with various faces drawn on them.

Ghost Party Activities

  • Make a cut out of a vampire, have small T.T balls and let your friends aim straight into its mouth, not more than three chances to check their aim.
  • Paint a big black cat , have a tail cut out to be pinned on to the cat blindfolded.
  • Play Treasure hunt.
  • Shadow play and dark room – hide and seek are a must.

Ghost Party Costume

To add more fun you can ask your friends to dress up like Vampires, Witches, Wizards or even like ghosts for the party.


Finally enjoy the party with fancy cake, cookies and tarts.

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