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Cats outsmart Technology!
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Cats outsmart Technology!

Meme Times | 7-14 yrs | Animation, Reading Pod

How Intelligent are Cats?

Man’s best friend is a dog… but scientists have proven that cats are the closest to humans in terms of the likeness between the two species.
A cat has a brain that can outdo humans. Unlike dogs, cats can fend for themselves. A cat is not a pack animal but a sole survivor who can stay happy and healthy on its own.

How smart are Cats compared to Humans?

Cats are curious and also copy behaviours of humans and can master them once they observe and learn.

Humans and cats have almost identical brain structure. The parts of the brain that triggers emotions and memory are similar, although cats have a sharper memory. Humans and cats have similar neurotransmitters that make cats think in the same way as humans.

Do Cats have a Memory?

Cats also have a short and long term memory function. Cats can remember events that have happened 16 hours or even prior to that.

Crazy Scientific Facts about Cat’s Brain

A cat’s whiskers can detect objects, a slight change in atmosphere even before the cat touches something. They are the cat’s vital sensory organs.
A cat has a really tiny head and a brain much smaller in size but can store numerous data. While a large animal with a large brain would not have even half the intelligence.

So next time you see a cat… don’t think it’s stupid… it can ‘Mee…wooww’ you!