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JD Jasoos

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Jhumru is indeed a great detective!

“Jhumru! You have to help me! I have a sweetmeat stealer to find,” said Nandu, Jhumru’s childhood friend who owned a sweetmeat shop around the corner.“Call me JD Jasoos! And let’s go to the crime scene my friend.” said JD.

“Before you go anywhere Sherlock, do something about the rats in the house. Buy the medicine to get rid of them from the corner shop,” said his mother.

Jhumru bought the rat medicine from the corner shop,“It will make the rats unconscious. But keep it away from children and adults as it has the same effect on us,”said the shopkeeper.

Upon inspecting the ‘crime scene’ Jhumru said,“This sweetmeat thief apparently eats your ladoos. I don’t think he will steal again so we can’t touch the crime scene for a while, till I recover all evidence.”

“But I can’t keep the shop closed, Jhumru. Can you make it quick?”said Nandu.

Jhumru’s mobile phone rang and his mother asked him to come back home with the rat medicine before his father did. “I have to go.”Jhumru looked around and an idea popped into his head. “May I mix the rat medicine in the ladoos so that the rats get attracted to them and eat them? You are going to keep your shop closed.” “I don’t see any harm in that,” said Nandu.

Jhumru mixed the medicine in half the ladoos and took them with him. He explained to his mother his ‘brilliant’ plan while placing the ladoos in every corner of the house.

The next day Nandu and his father came to Jhumru’s house with a box full of sweets. Puzzled at the jubilation Jhumru’s mother asked,“What’s the good news?”

“JD Jasoos solved the case! He knew the sweetmeat stealer would come back if we would leave the shop closed. He ate the ladoos Jhumru had purposely left in the shop, that were mixed with the rat medicine. The thief came through the shop bathroom window. We found him knocked out, this morning. Jhumru is indeed a great detective,” said Nandu.

Jhumru looked confused. He realized that he had taken the other half of the ladoos and left the medicine ladoos in the shop. Nevertheless he was happy to crack his first case, by accident.

After Nandu and his father left, Jhumru looked pleased with himself. He said, “You see mother! Your son is a great detective.”

His mother said angrily, “Not in this house! You not only let the rats eat the ladoos and make a mess but also put another problem in front of me. Ants!”

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