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Earth Calling Edo

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Hair is not the source of Humans’ Power!

Celia is a planet 200,000 light years away from Earth.
Grotor, Celia’s supreme commander is talking to his son Edo.
Grotor: On Earth, humans have hair, unlike us. I think this might be the source of their power. Edo, you go to Earth and find out more about hair. Then we can take over Earth.

Edo set Earth as his destination on his spaceship monitor. As he came closer to Earth, he chose Mumbai.
Edo: Let me land in a forest area, so that nobody can see me.
Edo: Let me see what Earth’s like.

A boy Anil meets Edo.
(Anil on his bicycle) Anil: Hello! I’m Anil. You look different. Are you from another planet?
Edo: Hi, I’m Edo, Yes, I am from Celia. I’ve come to learn more about Earth.
Anil: Do you need a place to stay? You can come with me, to the chawl.
Edo: Thanks, Anil!

They reach Anil’s home in the chawl, Ambar Villa.
Edo: I think I look very different because I don’t have hair on my head. I feel very out of place.
Anil: That’s not a problem! Come with me.

Anil and Edo go to a house on the corner of the street.
Anil signals to Edo/whispers: Climb the ladder and reach the balcony./Come with me.

Anil lay low.
Anil: Edo, look down.
Edo: What are we looking at?

Anil: Shhh..that’s Baldev Sharma. His parents named him Bal-Dev because he had a lot of hair on his head when he was born. We call him Bald-Ev ji because he wears a wig.
Edo: I still don’t understand…why are we up here?
Anil: To steal his wig and get you some hair!

(Baldev Ji was sitting on a chair, soaking the sun. He was dozing off.)

Anil tried to lower a rope which had a paper soaked in glue at the other end. (He could not quite find a spot which would stick to the paper and in turn pull the wig out. Baldev ji felt irritated with the paper touching him on the nose and the ear, and kept swinging his hands, as though trying to drive a fly.)

(At last Anil succeeded and the toupee was in mid air. Baldev Ji woke up because he sensed his hair, leaving his head! He got up and saw the toupee in the air and started jumping up and down to get it.)
Baldev: Give me my hair back! Otherwise, I will come up and bash you!

(The scenario made the people around, laugh. Anil dropped the rope holding the toupee, which fell on Baldev Ji’s face.)

Anil and Edo made a run for it.
Edo: Now what?
Anil: Idea! We go to the barber and collect the hair around him, that he has cut. We can make you a new wig with the glue I have.

Anil and Edo collected all the hair around the barber’s corner.
Barber: What are you doing?
Anil: My friend Edo wants hair on his head.

(They stuck the strands of hair together and had a messy colorful toupee. One that had brown, red, black and white hair.)

(Edo wore the wig and started to shake his hands in the hope that he must have gained a new power.)
Anil: What are you doing?
Edo: This is the source of the power of humans. I am checking if I have a new power.

Anil: So that makes the smartest man in our Chawl, Gangaram Newton, least powerful!
Edo: ?
Anil: He is completely bald!

Edo: Then…that means…hair is not the source of humans’ power!
(He stared at the wig that Anil had made for him, while Anil kept laughing.)

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