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Jojo in Drum Beat

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Jojo the Drummer

“What is that noise?” asked Jojo’s father.

“Jojo is practicing on his mini drum. He said he wants to learn it before his summer break ends.” said Jojo’s mother.

Father- “Jojo, why have you been playing this since morning? And so loudly?”

Jojo replied “I saved Rs. 10 from my pocket money and bought this mini drum. I am going to play this till I play well enough.”

Father- “But you are good! So I think it is time to stop.”

Jojo- But how can I stop till I don’t think I am good enough?”

Father-“A musician’s true measure is the audience. I am your audience and I say you are good. So stop and take some rest.”

Jojo- Fine, I will be at Naveen’s house.

Suddenly Jojo’s father heard the drum again. (He was sleeping)

Father- Jojo! I thought we had agreed you don’t need to play this anymore because you are good.

Jojo- Naveen is also my audience and he said I am not good. So I will continue playing

His father said in a frustrated tone “I will give you Rs. 20 if you stop playing this drum!”

Jojo said happily, “Rs. 20! Sure, I will stop playing.” Saying this, he took the Rs.20 note and went out.

His father smashed the drum kit and threw it in the dustbin.

Mother to father- “You look happy. What happened?”

He answered with arrogance “I made Jojo give up drumming.”

Suddenly they heard the sound of the same drum coming from Jojo’s room.

His father was rather shocked at the sound of the drum.

Both his parents went to Jojo’s room.

“Jojo, didn’t I give you Rs. 20 to stop playing?” asked his father

“You did father, and I stopped playing that drum.

“This is a new one. I bought it with the money you gave me and I still have Rs. 10 left.” Saying this, Jojo continued playing

His father stood dumbstruck, while his mother started laughing.

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