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Happy Birthday Jojo!

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

A Rabbit’s Birthday

The bright rays of the sun swept on Jojo’s face and he welcomed the day with a smile. It was his birthday and he couldn’t wait to celebrate it. As he got dressed for school he thought about the presents he would get today and the delicious birthday cake he would savor.

He went and hugged his mother. She said “Jojo you are late for school! Have your breakfast quickly”.

Jojo was a little disappointed that his mother forgot, but he also understood that she was busy in getting everyone ready and also had to leave for office.

He reached late for school and the class was already in session. Towards the end of the class, the teacher stopped to make an announcement and Jojo’s heart skipped a beat. Perhaps she was going to wish Jojo in front of the entire class.

She spoke “Class today is a very important day. Today is the day when Jojo…”

Jojo felt a rush of excitement. He was going to be wished by everyone in a grand style, he thought to himself.

The teacher continued “When Jojo passed a test!”

The class burst out laughing and Jojo turned red with embarrassment. The bell struck and he was saved by it.

Up until the recess no one wished Jojo and he was surprisingly quiet. While his classmates noticed that he was not his usual self, no one guessed the reason.

His friend Nakul came to him with a box full of sweets and Jojo hoped it was for his birthday.

“Hey Jojo!” Nakul spoke, “Today is my pet rabbit’s birthday and I am distributing some sweets. Have some”

“A rabbit’s birthday you remember!” Jojo said angrily

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked Nakul

“Nothing” and Jojo left the class.

While walking back home Jojo felt dejected. He couldn’t believe that no one remembered his birthday. He opened the door to his house and there was a scream..”Surprise!”

Everyone Jojo knew and loved was in the room. His teacher was also there and she said “It’s also Jojo’s birthday!”

Nakul came to him with his pet rabbit in hand and said “I also forgot to tell you that you share birthdays!”

Jojo’s mom asked an overwhelmed Jojo “So Jojo, are you happy with the surprise?”

“Oh very much!..” he replied ..”But I am happier that I finally get to taste the cake!”

Everyone laughed and celebrated Jojo’s birthday with fun and aplomb.

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