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The Smelly Witch

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Story of Rebecca and the Smelly Witch

The young witch had no pets, no family and definitely no friends. Well, there was one person who used to visit her quite often. Her name was Rebecca and although she was kind, the witch didn’t like her very much as she was always so sickly kind.

The witch must have liked her just a little bit though because she never practiced any spells on Rebecca. So what did the witch do for entertainment? She’d turned a cat into half cat and half mouse and watched it chase its own mousy tail, just for fun.

Today she was bored. Bored, bored, bored. She heard singing and walked out of the door. “Hello,” said Rebecca. “Huh,” grunted the witch and walked back into the house. “Let me play with your wand,” said Rebecca as she tried not to gag. The witch was very smelly!

“Ok,” said the witch. Rebecca picked up the wand and pointed it at the witch who was by now running across the room to get it back. “Too late,” said Rebecca and she laughed. The Witch was angry but couldn’t do a thing about it as the spell was cast.

Once the dust had settled the witch found herself standing in front of a mirror, with Rebecca standing by her side. She was dressed like a princess and she looked very pretty indeed. The witch was stunned. “What did you ask for?”

“I only asked for the nice, kind side of you to come forward and this is what you look like,” said Rebecca. The witch smiled. “Come on Rebecca, let’s go out into the village and I’ll treat you to afternoon tea.” “No nasty spells,” said Rebecca. “No nasty spells, I promise,” said the witch.

This was how Cassy Kindly came to be a fairy godmother instead of a witch.

She realised that it’s better to be kind than mean. Although we all have a dark and a light side, sometimes we really need a friend to show the way to becoming the best that we can be.

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