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Tibetan Monks Sleep Upright!
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Tibetan Monks Sleep Upright!

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Why do Buddhist Monks Sleep Upright?

Tibetan monks find sleeping upright a fantastic way to relax. The monks have special sleeping boxes in which they can sleep while sitting.

Sleeping Upright Benefits

The monks say that sleeping upright has its own benefits. They never have back ache or neck pain, it becomes impossible to snore and they seem to have high energy when they wake up.

You might have seen monks sitting upright while meditating. In order to have a better posture while meditating, monks believe in sleeping upright and thus train their bodies for the same.

Usually people can sleep while sitting or standing but if they enter a deep, dreamy phase; it becomes difficult and they might eventually fall. But a monk also learns to control ones sleep and so they might not enter the deep sleep mode; which allows them to sleep upright. The monks sit with such a correct posture which does not allow their muscles to slip or the monks to fall off.