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Panchatantra: Why do bats come out in the dark?

Panchatantra Stories | 3-12 yrs | Reading Pod

Long ago, a violent battle broke out between the animals and the birds. The birds pecked at the animals and flew away out of their reach and the infuriated animals did not allow the birds to land on the ground to have food or water. This battle went on for many days. The bats decided not to pick sides and stay neutral. They thought to themselves, “Ours is a special position, we are birds because we can fly, and we are animals because we do not lay eggs.” So, the proud bats decided to join the winners. When the bats saw that the birds were in a winning position, they started hobnobbing with them, and when they felt that the animals were winning, they joined their camp.

Gradually, the birds and the animals both started to get tired of their continuous battle. So, they decided to make peace. The king of birds and the king of animals, both sat together and agreed upon a treaty. Both the kings decided to bury the hatchet and become good friends. They also decided not to allow the selfish bats to join either of them.

Thus, the bats were ostracised by both, the birds and the animals. They were so ashamed of themselves that they hid themselves in the dark caves.

That is why till today, the bats come out of their hiding only at twilight, when the birds are back in their nests and the animals are not yet out of their dens.

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