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Edo in Spaceship, Where are you?

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Edo made the Spaceship disappear!

“Let’s go to the place where the spaceship is and check which parts are missing.”

“I will take you all there,” said Edo.

Kallu Mal was eavesdropping on their conversation.

Kallu Mal followed the children to the outskirts of the city, where the spaceship was. (The children were making a list of things that were missing from the spaceship. Aarushi was the one making the list, while Edo kept telling her what to write.)

They heard the leaves rustling and Edo made a dash in that direction. Edo- Who is it?

(He saw Kallu Mal.) Edo thinks- Kallu Mal!

(Kallu Mal was hopping onto his worn out car and leaving)

Edo went back to his friends and said, “I saw Kallu Mal! He saw the spaceship.”

Anil said, “He is going to tell the world about this. We have to stop him.”

Edo said, “I can make the spaceship invisible, but only for about 5 minutes.”

Billu said, “I have an idea. Poo, are you carrying your makeup kit?”

Pooja replied, “As always.”

Billu smiled and said, “Here’s what we do…”( and he explained the plan. The children looked relieved.) He continued, “Aarushi you give the signal to Edo. When you scream, ‘What do I do with the children,’ that is Edo’s signal to make the spaceship disappear.”

Kallu Mal came back with the policemen in no time.

Poo came running towards them. (Her nose was red and she was wearing a green eye shadow which made her look weird.) “Kallu uncle..” she said. “The aliens are turning me into one of them!”

She began to act like a mad person. (Taking the stick of one of the policemen and the cap), she started shouting, “I am a policewoman and I will arrest all the aliens.”

“Sir, I think they have all escaped from a mental asylum,” said one of the policemen.

“No, this girl is mad…don’t listen to her,” said Kallu Mal.

“She is mad, you say?” asked the inspector.

“No, I mean.. Wait, I will show you..” said Kallu Mal.

They began to walk towards the place where Kallu Mal said the spaceship was located. (They saw Billu and Anil wearing a similar, but darker makeup, running down the hill.) “We have been turned!” they screamed.

(The policemen looked at them with a questioning look).

(When they were very close to the place, they saw Aarushi, without makeup, running towards Kallu Mal.) “Kallu uncle! I was waiting for you to get the police actors so we can finally put an end to this. Sir, Kallu Mal helps these mad children to play out their fantasies, so they can go home peacefully. Their parents can’t afford the treatment.”

“No, no, she is lying,” said Kallu Mal desperately. He continued, “Come, I will show you.”

Aarushi knew she had to scream now and she did, “What do I do with the children?”

Edo made the spaceship disappear (and when the policemen reached the spot with Kallu Mal, they didn’t see any spaceship. The inspector just looked at Kallu Mal with anger), while Kallu Mal said, “It was right here…I swear…it was right here!”

Aarushi said,“ I think he has also lost his mind, trying to cure the children…”

The policemen dragged Kallu Mal to their vehicle. Kallu Mal kept screaming, “It was right there.!”

The children and Edo laughed. Edo- Let’s move the spaceship to a safer location. Others- Yes! (That’s what they all did.)

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