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Edo Meets the Gang

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Welcome to the gang, Edo!

“Edo!”Anil screamed. “Today is the day we meet my gang!”

“Your Gang?”Edo muttered.

“Yes. They are children from this chawl. By now you must have realized, this chawl is huge.” Anil answered.

The two went to a junk yard at the back of the chawl.

“Guys, meet Edo! He is from the planet Celia,”Anil announced.

The children gaped in amazement.

Anil went to his friends one by one. “This is Pooja. You can call her Poo!”

Edo said “Poo?” He thought to himself, “And I thought I had an unusual name!”

“She calls herself Poo. She is quite ‘filmi,’ you see. She wants to become an actor when she grows up, so she is training already.”

Edo stretched his hand to shake it with Pooja but she retracted her hand and said, “Don’t touch Madam Poo! I don’t want the germs you see.” She waved her hand instead like a celebrity.

“You will get used to her.” Anil said.

Anil moved on to the next person. “This is Billu! Our chawl’s smartest boy,” said Anil.

Anil said, “Don’t go by his height. What he misses in that department, he makes up for it in the brain department.”

“Hi Edo. I will help you get back to your planet. Anil told me all about your spaceship,” said Billu.

Edo smiled and shook his hand.

Edo then moved to Aarushi. Before Anil could introduce her, she said “Hi, I am Aarushi. My parents call me Aadoo, like the fruit, because they say I am as sweet. You also look sweet, maybe we should call you a fruit too. Speaking of which, have you tasted any fruit. Here try this banana!”

Anil and the others laughed at Edo’s open mouthed expression and Billu said, “Well, that is Aarushi for you. The hyper chatterbox!”

Suddenly, the children heard loud barks at a distance. Edo looked at Anil and asked, “What is that?”

“That is Kallumal’s pack of Dobermans. He takes care of this junk yard. He let his dogs loose on us for trespassing the other day. But where can we play? This is the only open area that we can find,” explained Anil.

“We call them the Dober gang, since they are a pack of dogs. Well, they are three to be precise. I should stop talking because we should all run! Here they come!” warned Aarushi.

The children ran frantically as the dogs chased them, they looked ferocious. Edo ran so fast that he completed the entire circle of the junkyard in a matter of seconds and was now following the dogs.

Edo had the leash of the dogs in his hand. With lightning speed he put the leashes on the dogs and tied them to one of the cars.

“How did you do that?” asked Billu.

“I am the fastest runner in Celia. I just ran as fast as I could,” explained Edo.

“Now we have an answer to the Dober Gang!” said Aarushi.

“I am so glad. I couldn’t run in my heels and I almost broke a nail!” said Poo.

The children lifted Edo and cheered while the barking of the dogs resonated in the background.

“Welcome to the gang, Edo” they said in unison.

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