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Jojo in Not So Much a Fool

Comic Stories | 6-13 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

April Fools’ Day with Jojo

It was the evening before April Fools’ Day and everyone was plotting to make fools of their friends. Jojo was sitting in a corner alone, thinking. Nikhil went to his friend to ask if he had been planning a prank on someone.Jojo said, “Not really, I have decided not to make a fool of anybody this time. It is not nice to do that.”

Nikhil said, “But it’s tradition! How can you let go of an opportunity to make a fool of someone who can’t get mad at you?”

Jojo smiled and walked away. Nikhil went to their friend Rahul and said, “Jojo doesn’t think making a fool of anyone is nice. We should remind him of the tradition. Let’s pull a prank on him tomorrow.”

Rahul exclaimed, “I have just the idea! You remember the abandoned house down the street which is supposedly haunted and Jojo thinks it’s humbug.”

Nikhil replied, “Yes. What about that?” Rahul said, “Well, we will dare Jojo to go there since he doesn’t believe in ghosts. We will gather some more boys and dress up to scare him. And just when he starts to really freak out we will all scream in unison, ‘April fool!’ How is that for an idea?”

Nikhil said excitedly, “Brilliant!”

Rahul said, “Let us go and discuss this with Pinky and Arjun, and talk to Jojo. This will have to happen tomorrow. But we will talk in such a way that he doesn’t suspect a prank is in the works.”Nikhil, Rahul, Pinky and Arjun went to Jojo in the lunch break. They brought the haunted house up matter-of-factly and dared Jojo to prove them wrong, that the house was indeed not haunted.

Jojo said, “Fine! I will go there tomorrow post school with you guys.”

Nikhil said, “Anyone can go in the afternoon. You have to go there in the evening. You enter the house at 6 p.m. and spend an hour inside. We will see you outside at 7 p.m.”

Jojo agreed.

Nikhil was asked to come at 5:30 p.m. so that all of them could prepare to scare Jojo. When no one turned up till 5:45 p.m. Nikhil went in to check if they were all waiting inside.

“Perhaps I forgot. They must be waiting inside,” Nikhil said to himself

Nikhil pushed open the door and slowly stepped inside. Even though he didn’t believe the house was haunted, it did give him the creeps. He made his way through the cobwebs and said loudly, “Guys! Are you in here?”

As soon as he said this, the door behind him shut loudly on its own. Nikhil’s heart skipped a beat and he nervously laughed. He shouted again, “Guys! Are you doing this? It is not funny!”

The table in front of him moved on its own and eerie sounds filled the room. Nikhil said again, “Guys! I am not the target here. Please come outside if you are doing this!”

No one replied and it made Nikhil even more nervous. Suddenly there was a scream and the table overturned. Nikhil ran towards the door and started to scream, “Help! Please help! Someone let me out!”

Suddenly the room was filled with laughter and he saw Arjun, Pinky, Rahul and Jojo standing behind him. Nikhil was confused and sweating profusely as he was nervous.

Jojo screamed “April fool!”

Nikhil looked puzzled and Rahul said, “It was all Jojo’s idea. He knew if he would say that he doesn’t want to play a prank on anyone, you would react. He had already told us what to do and you fell for it!”

Everyone was laughing hysterically and Nikhil was now getting angry. When Jojo saw the look on his best friend’s face, he said, “Now come on Nikhil! How could I let go of an opportunity to make a fool of someone who can’t get mad at you.”

To this Nikhil laughed and said, “Well played!”

All of them took Nikhil out for an ice cream and promised him that the next year they would all pull a prank on someone else and keep up the tradition!

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