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6 Famous Singers of the World

Music | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

List of World Famous Singers

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson or the King of Pop combined difficult dance techniques like moonwalk and robot with a popular song style (combination of folk, jazz, rock and roll, opera). His famous songs include “Black or White,” “The way you make me feel,” “Bad” and “Beat it.” Sometimes instead of playing an instrument he would try to imitate the sound of that instrument while singing.

2. Whitney Houston’s

Whitney Houston’s songs like “How will I know,” “Saving all my love for you,” and “I wanna dance with somebody” made her the most honored female singer with more than 400 awards. Her songs show her ability to mingle several notes in one syllable (melisma).

3. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley or the King of Rock and Roll started playing and singing songs with his guitar when he was ten. He combined gospel and country; and had an unusual style of shaking his hips while performing. His songs include “That’s all right” and “Suspicious minds.” In Graceland, Memphis, USA there is a museum dedicated to Elvis which has thousands of fans coming to honor him every year.

4. Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin or the Queen of Soul sang songs like “A rose is still a rose,” “Amazing Grace,” etc. Her extravagant dresses and puffed out hairdos combined with her ability to sing both high and low notes make her a favorite.

5. Elton John’s

Elton John’s famous song “Like a candle in the wind” was a tribute to the late Lady Diana. His other hits include songs for Disney’s “The Lion King,” “Believe,” “Are you ready for love,” and he is an active campaigner for fighting AIDS.

6. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the youngest to write and perform a #1 song on the Hot Country Songs Chart (Our Song.) She is the youngest to sign a contract with Sony- she was only 13. Her songs are now veering towards pop. She has acted in films and is also a philanthropist.

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