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Jojo in Fancy Dress

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

Jojo dressed in a skirt made of leaves

It was a bright sunny day and Jojo was excited to go to school. Thought bubble – I can’t wait to get to school!

When he reached school, he was bewildered to see the children of his class dressed in colourful clothes. Jojo – Why is everyone wearing colourful clothes?

Jojo’s friend Deepak asked, “Hey! Where is your dress?”

“What’s going on?” A puzzled Jojo asked.

“Don’t you remember our social science teacher asked us to dress up in interesting attires of people from different parts of the world and talk about them,” said Deepak.

“So what are you supposed to be?” Jojo asked sarcastically.

Deepak said, “Why a Red Indian of course! They are one of the native American tribes.”

“What do I do? I completely forgot and everyone will make fun of me when I have nothing to present,” said Jojo.

As the two of them stood at the door, they saw the other children dressed in colorful attires. One was wearing an Arab’s robe while another was in a saree, which Jojo noticed his mother usually dressed in. A child was also dressed as a Japanese samurai and another wore a kimono.

Jojo’s friend Pinky came rushing to him. She was wearing a lovely skirt with headgear.

“What are you wearing?” asked Jojo.

“It is called a pollera, which the Spanish call a one piece skirt. My father bought it for me when he went to Spain,” answered Pinky.

She continued, “And are you wearing a new school uniform for today’s presentation?”

Deepak and Pinky laughed.

“It’s not funny! You have to help me, ” said Jojo.

Suddenly Jojo noticed a needle and sewing thread in Pinky’s hand and he asked her, “Do you know how to sew?”

“Yes. My mother gave it to me just to be safe, today,” said Pinky.

“Idea! Pinky, come with me! Deepak, tell the teacher we will be back soon!” and Jojo left holding Pinky’s hand and rushing her out of the class.

Deepak waited for Jojo to return with bated breath as the teacher was close to calling out Jojo’s name. Just when she was about to call him Jojo returned. He was dressed in a skirt made of leaves and a headband, also made of leaves.

He stood in front of the class and announced, “I am from history. A man dressed in what he had when the cloth was not even invented. I am dressed as all the people you represent much before we developed.”

The class cheered and the teacher commended Jojo on his wit. Teacher: Well done, Jojo!

While going back home Deepak said, “That was some quick thinking! At least you didn’t fail the presentation today.”

“Yes, but I think I am going to fail the race!” said Jojo.

“What race?” asked Pinky.

Jojo said, “The race between that goat and me!”

Jojo ran as fast as he could with the goat chasing him because of the leaves and Pinky and Deepak laughing as he ran to save his clothes!

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