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Jojo’s Unholy Holi

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Lighten Up, Its Holi!

At school, Jojo was standing in the cafeteria when Karan stood behind him. While Jojo was busy eating an ice cream, Karan threw a water balloon at the cafeteria head and hid behind the chair. Unaware of the whole scenario, Jojo continued eating his ice cream when the head of the cafeteria stormed towards him.

“Are you trying to act smart?” said the cafeteria head “I will take you to the principal!”“For what? For eating an ice cream?” said Jojo, puzzled by the reaction.
“You threw a water balloon at me!” said the man “No, I did not!” argued Jojo

“I will make sure you get punished Jojo!” said the man adamantly, and left.

Karan came put of his hiding place and started laughing. Its when Jojo realized what had happened and said “So it was you! “

You have troubled me since long Karan. It has to stop now!”“Or what?” said Karan and continued “Look, it’s Holi! Lighten up a little Jojo!”

The last period of the day went on and Jojo was more than happy to get back to home. He was extremely irritated with Karan after what had happened. The bell rang to summon the end of the day and Jojo got up to leave. He could hear the class laughing behind him and looked puzzled.

Nikhil screamed “Jojo! Your trousers are all colored!”Jojo noticed a paper where he had been sitting and traces of ‘gulal’ on the paper. He saw Karan laughing at the back with the other children and stormed towards him.

Karan kept laughing with no remorse and told Jojo again to lighten up as it was Holi. When Jojo picked up the paper in which the color was kept, it read the same lines as Karan had been saying all day.

Jojo was extremely upset with how the day had turned out and hung his head in sorrow. Nikhil tried to cheer his friend up and said “Cheer up Jojo! It is Holi, Karan should lighten up as well!”

Jojo’s eyes lit up as an idea crossed his mind and he said “Nikhil! I know just how we can get back at him!”
The next day, the first period was that of their strict class teacher Mr. Sharma. When he opened the class cupboard to get some chalk, a paper on top of the half open cupboard dropped on his head. To his horror it was filled with ‘gulal’ which spill all over his face. The class started to laugh

Mr. Sharma picked up the paper and looked at the class angrily. “Who has done this? I will punish you all, if you don’t tell me who did this” The class went into absolute silence on realizing what had happened.

Mr. Sharma read what was written on the paper out loud. It read “Lighten up, its Holi!” The children in the class immediately said “That’s what Karan has been saying all this week!”

Before Karan could realize what had happened the whole class was pointing fingers at him and Mr. Sharma knew he had caught the prankster. He took Karan to the principal’s room and he was asked to spend three hours after school in detention till the end of the week.

Jojo and Nikhil walked past the classroom window and saw an angry and upset Karan sitting on the bench. Jojo laughed and said “Oh come on Karan! Lighten up! It is Holi!”

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