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Jojo in the Loudspeaker of Cricket

Comic Stories | 6-12 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Jojo’s Cricket Mania

“You know the bat that Sachin Tendulkar used, weighed around 1.42 kgs. It is among the heaviest bat in the world.” The children were talking about cricket with the advent of IPL and Nikhil told everyone this fun fact.

“Bah! What is the big deal? I have a bat that weighs 3kg!” said Karan

“It can’t weigh that much, Karan! You are lying. Let me see your cricket bat,” said Nikhil.

“I don’t let anyone touch it! Now if you excuse me, I have better things to do,” said Karan and walked away with his cricket bat.

“Karan boasts a lot, especially when it comes to cricket,” said Nikhil to Jojo, who was also sitting with everyone.

“Let him be. Let’s plan our ‘street premier league,’ we have a match tomorrow. As much as I hate to say it, Karan does play well and he is on the opposite team,” said Jojo.

They went to the cafeteria at lunch break and while they were eating, Karan sat next to them. Jojo was talking to Nikhil and said, “We should let Dholu open for us. He scored pretty well last time.”

Karan cut in and said, “Bah! What is the big deal? I scored more than he did in the last match we played with the children of block D.” He got up and left.

Jojo and Nikhil ignored what Karan had said and continued eating.

The afternoon, after school, was scheduled for a practice session with a new coach in school. The school coach was teaching the children the technique of defence. While everyone was excited to learn a new technique they were afraid that Karan wouldn’t stop boasting about his so called skills of cricket.

Rahul said, “You know, I always thought Rahul Dravid plays defence beautifully. That is rare in IPL though.”

The children agreed with Rahul, while Karan said, “Once I went to Bangalore with my parents and Rahul Dravid had come to a cricket club to take sessions with children. When I showed him how I played defence, he said even he couldn’t play like that.”

The children couldn’t really say anything but nod sheepishly.

It was the day of the match and all the children got enthusiastic to play their own tournament. The only problem was the grumpy Mr. Shukla, who kept screaming at the children for making too much noise. Jojo hit a six and it landed on Mr. Shukla’s balcony. Mr. Shukla came out and screamed, “You children find another spot to play or else I will come down and settle the one who hits a shot that lands in my balcony!”

Jojo said, “We are sorry, Mr. Shukla. It won’t land there again. May we please have our ball back?”

Mr. Shukla grudgingly gave the ball back to the children and the children were careful not to hit another shot his way.

The match was over and Jojo’s block had won it. The children congratulated each other and decided to go for an ice cream when they saw Karan coming.

“Oh..if it is not the loudspeaker,” said Nikhil, a nickname that they had coined for Karan because of his boastfulness.

“The game is over already? Must have been a dull one, I guess when you play us, it will be exciting, ” said Karan.

“Yes, we are looking forward to it. Especially because I must have hit the longest six of the tournament,” said Jojo.

“Really?” sniggered Karan. “How long was it?” he asked.

“Well, it landed on Mr. Shukla’s balcony,” said Nikhil.

“I can hit that long! In fact, I can hit one of his windows on the upper side. Get me a bowler,” said Karan.

Jojo and Nikhil knew that the grumpy Mr. Shukla would get angry if Karan does manage to hit that shot, which would teach Karan a good lesson.

So Jojo bowled and Karan hit the shot, and sure enough it broke one of Mr. Shukla’s windows. As predicted, a storming Mr. Shukla came out with the ball in his hand and shouted, “Karan! I see the bat in your hand. Wait till I get you!”

Karan panicked and said, “What do I do? He looks mad.”

Jojo smiled and said, “Well, Karan I think you should show us you can run faster than any of us!”

Before Karan could react to this, he saw Mr. Shukla coming downstairs and Karan took off as fast as he could. The children laughed hysterically at the sight.

“That should put a stop to his boasting! Let’s have our ice cream!” said Jojo.

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