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Top 5 Indoor Games

Sports | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

List of Indoor Games and Activities for Kids

1. Indoor Bowling Game :

The indoor bowling game involves taking a bowling ball which is big, like a basketball, and ten plastic bottles. The bottles are lined up together in a group or triangle. The player has to hit these bottles by rolling the ball on the floor towards them. The number of bottles a person can hit will equal the points he or she gets. If you hit all the ball in one go, you get a bonus ten points.

2. The Listening Game :

Take out a variety of items. Look at them with your friend. Then, take them away. Ask a friend to close his or her eyes. Make a sound with one of the objects. Ask your friend to guess which object made the sound. For starters, you could run a comb on a table or tap a glass.

3. Dress Up Dance :

Spread different items of clothing like scarves, hats, shirts, pants in various piles. Dance with your friends to music. When the song stops, you have to put on as many items of clothing as you can before the music begins again. Whoever has the most items of clothing on in the end, wins!

4. Touch and Feel Box Game :

Take a closed box and make a hole big enough to slide in your hand. Fill it with objects that could feel like human body parts. The husk from the corn could be the hair, a plastic fork could be the teeth, the lasagna noodles that have been cooked and dipped in oil could be skin, and olives dipped in oil could be eyeballs and so on. The faces your friends will make when they put their hands inside the box will be fun to watch.

5. Indoor Basketball :

Roll up a sock and try to throw it in a bucket. Or you could use a light, small ball. When you score, take a step back and try again. Play this with your friends- whoever throws the ball from the furthest distance, wins!

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