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Why do Camels have Humps?
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Why do Camels have Humps?

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The camel hump is a reservoir of fatty tissues. These tissues act as the source of energy when camels have to travel great distances. They convert the fat into water and energy for the camels to function.

How can Camels Survive in the Desert?

When food and water is scarce in the deserts, it is this fat stored in the camel hump that allows it to survive. A healthy and well kept; well fed camel has a huge, upright hump and can weigh up to 35 kilograms! After a long, exhausting journey in the desert a camel’s hump can go down or bend over. This suggests they have used up the amount of stored fat and are in need of food and water to replenish fat content.

Usually camels have one hump but the Bactrian Camel in Asia has two humps because it is meant to carry heavy loads along the cold and dry deserts. These camels are at the risk of extinction!