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Why Dogs Bark at Cars?
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Why Dogs Bark at Cars?

Answer me | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Theories that explain why dogs bark and chase cars

  • Dogs will chase anything that runs away from them. It is an inborn instinct. That is why people say ‘when you see a dog; do not run away from them’.
  • Dogs come from the family of wolves and coyotes’. Though dogs are not as wild or harmful, they have the same instinct of hunting down a prey. Chasing is a natural hunting behaviour inbuilt in dogs. That is why dogs also chase balls or squirrels.
  • Some dogs mark their territories by peeing on car tyres for a sense of recognition of other dogs in that area. So if a new car enters the area, dogs smell a different scent and feel someone else is entering their territory.
  • Not every dog runs behind cars. Next time you are in a car and a dog is chasing you, stop and see what he does. Most probably he will lose interest once you stop.