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Indian Folk Tales: The Leap
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Indian Folk Tales: The Leap

Indian Folk Tales | 3-12 yrs | Reading Pod

Once, there was a traveller who always boasted of how much he had travelled and the adventures that he had had. One day, he was attending a party thrown by a newly-wed couple. His interesting expression and sun-tanned skin made most people believe that he was a well-travelled man.

He would get hold of the first man he came across and would simply go on and on about his travelling experiences all over the world.

“I was a hunter, I have learnt acrobatics and even trained a lion,” boasted the man, enthusiastically. “It’s really amazing, the things that I have done. I once went for hunting and there I fought with a lion and even shot an elephant.”

“But you know what? I still haven’t shared with all of you the most daring thing I have ever done!” the traveller exclaimed.

The entire crowd in the party was anxiously waiting for him to tell the incident. “Please tell us quickly, what was that?” asked a man impatiently.

“I was in Samarkand, when I did this dangerous stunt. People there still talk about it all the time. In the place where I stayed, there were two buildings face to face, about 50 meters high, and 10 meters apart from each other. And guess what I did?”

“Oh my god!” sighed a man in the crowd.

“Yes you are right. I actually jumped from the edge of one building to the other. That was one of the longest and highest leaps ever recorded. A large crowd had gathered to watch, and I almost went deaf with the sound of the applause”.

The host suddenly got up and said, “Give us a chance to applaud at your daring act, too. Come, let’s all go to the terrace and you can show us a similar leap, only this time the buildings are barely 5 meters apart. This must be even easier for you.”

“Yes, we would love to see that”, said a few men from the crowd eagerly.

The traveller got up and proceeded to the stairs, when suddenly he stopped and said, “I need to use the washroom first, may I?” “Certainly”, said the host.

The traveller rushed to the washroom and did not come out for a long time. When the host went to check on him, he found that the man had already escaped from the window. He was not seen in that locality ever again.

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