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Indian Folk Tales: The Mighty
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Indian Folk Tales: The Mighty

Indian Folk Tales | 3-12 yrs | Reading Pod

There was a big tree at the edge of a dense forest. The tree was deeply rooted in the ground and its strong branches spread out majestically. It also had a very thick trunk. The tree was very useful as it provided shade to the passerbys and saved them from the scorching heat of the sun. It also acted as a shelter to a large number of tiny creatures living in the forest and was always buzzing with activity.

There was a small plant that was growing at the foot of the tree. The plant was very slender and delicate and would bend over with the slightest of the breeze.
One day the big tree and the plant were having a chat. The mighty tree looked at the little plant and said, “Why are you so tiny and fragile? Why don’t you spread your roots deep into the ground and raise your head up in the air, like me?”

The tiny plant smiled and replied, “I don’t think that is necessary, in fact, I think that I am safer this way.”

“Safer?” asked the big tree, mocking the plant. “You think you are safer than I am? Do you know how deep my roots are and how strong and thick my trunk is? Even if two men tried to hold hands together, they won’t be able to cover my trunk.  Who could ever uproot me from this ground?”

And then the tree turned away from the little plant with great pride.

The tree was not aware that soon it would end up regretting its own words. One evening, the forest was struck with a huge hurricane. The hurricane was so strong that it uprooted and hurled almost all the trees in the forest. The forest was completely destroyed and the big tree was uprooted and thrown at a distance.

Once the stormed had passed, the villagers came out to inspect the damages caused by the storm. They saw that all the huge trees that once stood there mightily were now simply reduced to stumps. The forest was filled with broken trees and scattered branches everywhere.

The little plant, however, was not destroyed. It was twisted and turned and completely bent with the force of the hurricane. But when the storm had passed, it stood up again.

The mighty tree, though, was destroyed forever.

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