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Mexican Party

Party Ideas And Themes | 5-12 yrs | look and take, Interactive

Mexico is more than just a fun holiday destination. Mexican culture is ripe with all sorts of fun colours and flavours that you can easily incorporate into your next party. Think chillies, sombreros, and mariachi music and you know you’re on the right track to your own Mexican theme party.


  • The easiest venue is your backyard or living room. The only reason you would need a little space is to hang up a piñata. Try to do the party outdoors since very few communal activities in Mexico happen indoors but don’t restrict yourself.
  • If you have the budget to go all out try and find a ranch-style farm with assorted animals to give the feel like you are on a ranch in Mexico.


  • A sombrero shaped invitation will be ideal for this theme. It will convey the theme of the party with just one glance.
  • If you’re not feeling the hat, or want to save that image for something else in the party, then you could use a cactus shape for the invitation.
  • If neither suits your fancy, you can always go with the colours of the flag with an outline of the map spanning the front of the card.


  • Since much of Mexico is dry and arid land, there is a lot of cactus all over the place. Place cardboard cut-outs all over the venue as a start.
  • Mexico is a vibrant community and use a lot of colours to decorate. Build on the colours in the Mexican flag- red, white, and green.


  • A must have for every Mexican party is a piñata. Much like the large balloon that you burst over a group of excitable children, a pinata is figure that is stuffed with sweets and other little treats for a child. Children are blindfolded and take turn trying to break open the pinata with a stick. Once the pinata is broken open, the treasure is free for all to grab!
  • If the kids are a little older and more sporting, you can play passing the parcel, where the parcel is a sombrero and the penalty for getting caught with the parcel is to take a bite of a chilly!
  • Do some research on a traditional Mexican hat dance and maybe you and your husband/wife can put on a little show for everyone. Once you’re done with the show have the man take the boys to one corner of the room and the female take the girls to the other. Teach them 2 or 3 really basic steps each. Put that music back on and have all the kids partner up for a Mexican hat-dance-off!


  • The number 1 thing you should have on your menu is guacamole, salsa, and tortilla chips. If you can’t find the avocado for the guacamole, you can still make do with just chips and salsa.
  • Then there are empanadas, which is much like a samosa with a thicker pastry around it.
  • For your main course try making a variety of enchiladas. These are corn tortillas that are stuffed with any ingredients like assorted vegetables, a combination of beans and cheese, meat, seafood etc, all rolled up and covered in a chilli pepper sauce.
  • And as a side dish you can have some Mexican rice which is really easy to make since a lot of ingredients used in Mexico are easily available in India.

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