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Princess Theme

Party Ideas And Themes | 5-12 yrs | look and take, Interactive

Princess for a day

Every young girl dreams of being a princess and you can make this happen on one special day by organising a Princess theme party. While it’s nice to have animated movies dictate what a princess is, you should try and create a unique experience for your child. Try and steer her away from the animated princesses she may encounter on TV and towards a hybrid of princess and something else. Maybe the princess of the forest, or a princess from an Indian state.


  • This theme is adaptable for any place but is convenient enough to do in your own home.


  • Invitations that are rolled and tied with ribbon.
  • Invitations with a drawing of a castle.
  • If you’re doing a regional princess, then have a royal looking invitation with art from that region.


  • Just because the party theme is royal doesn’t mean that you have to spend like one. Use pink, purple, indigo and gold fabrics to drape areas of the location and give it a palatial feel. Mix and match these colours because they don’t all go together.
  • You can cut turrets or the shape of a miniature castle out of cardboard and place them around. This also makes for an excellent backdrop for photographs.


  • Include in the invitation that everyone should come dressed as if they were attending a court. You may have to call a few mothers to ask them not to put a crown on their respective daughter’s heads to endure that your child is the only princess around.
  • Have a mini fashion show where guests walk down a designated strip either alone or in pairs. You can make up names of fantastical lands and give a running commentary on the fly.
  • Pin the jewel on the princess. Much like the pin the tail on the donkey, you can use a picture of a princess upon which you have to pin a tiara and/or necklace. Alternatively you can play pin the horn on the unicorn.

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