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Tiny Tots

Party Ideas And Themes | 5-12 yrs | look and take, Interactive

Learning and partying for your little one

Tiny tots have different learning curves. Some may be just a few months apart and be doing different things. This is a catch-all idea that allows you to invite more than one age-group of pre-schoolers to one event and have them all have a memorable time.


  • You can do this party anywhere depending on your budget. Do this at home if you’re on a smaller budget.
  • If you want to spend a little more then you can do it virtually anywhere. Remember that toddlers need to be monitored at all times and so an enclosed space is ideal.


  • The invitations should immediately imply the theme and in this case it’s best to have numbers and/or alphabets on the card.
  • If your child is keen on a particular stuffed toy or has a favourite animal, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to feature it.
  • Don’t forget to invite the person who leads your children’s playgroup. Ask them before hand if they’ll be willing to lend a helping hand.


  • Decorate your house with age-appropriate home-made decorations. These can be numbers made of chart paper from one to ten. Or vowels of the English alphabet.
  • The cake can be shaped as the first letter of the birthday-boy/girl’s name.
  • Helium baloons.


  • It’s important to lay out all the different activities before the party or immediately upon arrival. This way parents can guide their own children to different stations instead of you having to guide all the little guests around.
  • Cover a large table with plain white paper so the children can scribble on the table itself. Make sure that there are crayons and pencils for all. Have them sign their names on the sheet and you can roll up the paper because it makes for a nice memento.
  • If you’re artistically inclined then you can draw a picture(s) on this sheet before-hand and have children colour between the lines. Try not to stifle their young creativity so leave enough open space that they can let their imagination run wild within these parameters.
  • Also have sheets of paper lying around so that they can make their own masterpieces.
  • Have another station equipped with clay so that children can make their own sculptures. Make sure there’s an adult present at all times so that children don’t end up making a meal of the clay.


  • What better way to clean up than to give away? Give each child that leaves their own balloon. Maybe some could be a special shape and those are given away to make the child feel like they’re not just taking home the decor.
  • Encourage the parents to keep the clay sculptures.
  • Keep a small paper-bag handy to make it easier for your guests to carry these sculptures or masterpieces they created.

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