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Arabian Nights Theme

Party Ideas And Themes | 5-12 yrs | look and take, Interactive

An Arabian nights theme party or even an afternoon

Arabian Nights party theme is a fun and exotic theme for a children’s party. You can pull from cultures all the way from the middle-east to India to play on this theme. Try and stay away from an animated cartoon rendition to make your party have that original feel but definitely include the magic of a genie.


  • Have this indoors and you can give a wonderful tent-like feeling with the décor.
  • Or alternatively take this outdoors and make it a bazar, where different stalls can have different foods or activities.


  • A card shaped with the design of a carpet.
  • A genie-lamp shaped card


  • You can find wicker baskets and use mardi gras beads and plastic snakes to place around the location.
  • Middle-eastern style music playing in the background.
  • You can use incense if you know that the children will not be troubled by it.
  • If you choose to do it outside it would mean a lot more work but you can set up a bazaar-like atmosphere with kiosks for different things. Food can be one, refreshments another, and palm reader can be a third.
  • Spray-paint boxes gold and silver to give decorations a rich feel.


  • Ask one of the mothers coming to the party to dress up as a gypsy woman and have her tell fortunes.
  • You can have a mehendi station.
  • Play coin toss with chocolate coins covered in gold paper where they can keep the coins that they successfully throw into a bucket.
  • Have a story-telling session and read out one or two stories from 101 Arabian Nights.
  • Do a little research on sword fighting and have a small workshop on choreographed sword fighting. Maybe you can get someone who knows a form of martial arts to conduct this.

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