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Western Theme Party

Party Ideas And Themes | 5-12 yrs | look and take, Interactive

Throwing a Western theme party is a great party idea, especially for the boys. Get all the kids to break into their Western gear – cowboy hats, boots, bandana, jeans or a checkered shit. Fire up that barbeque and serve some great grilled food. Keep the crowds happy with chips and salsa sauce. Send your kids on a wild western adventure with this great party activity.


  • You can have this party indoors or even in your backyard. Larger spaces are great too, but then you need to ensure that the kids are watched over by adults.


  • A card shaped in the design of a cactus
  • A card with a cowboy and cowgirl printed on it


  • Set the mood as guests arrive by placing cactus and river stones along the walk way.
  • Find old pieces of wood and paint signs on them that say “Saloon” or “Giddyup!”.
  • For the dining area, used chequered table cloth to bring a western feel.
  • To bring a western sunset, find a photo of a sunset and have it enlarged and reproduced onto a giant piece of paper and then hang it in a prominent spot.


  • Grab your pardner, and get ready to get down. Western parties are perfect for line dancing, square dancing or doing your best Texas Two Steps. For the younger less experienced dancer, show everybody how its done.
  • Arrange for a dart board and have the kids compete against each other over a game of darts.
  • Play a game of quick draw without the guns. Get kids to participate in a drinking game which could include cola or juice. The kid who finishes his glass the fastest is the winner of this game.
  • An old-fashioned game of horseshoes is another great way to get everybody involved. You will need a lawn, two states and some horseshoes for this one. Place the stakes in ground 40feet apart on a flat surface. For kids, you may want to buy rubber horseshoes and shorten the distance.

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